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  Alto City Cemetery
Arlington Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery
Bethel Cemetery (Rapides)
Bethlehem Cemetery
Breckenridge Cemetery
Cedar Hill Cemetery
Center Ridge Cemetery
Central Cemetery
Concord Cemetery
Cooper Cemetery
Corinth Cemetery
Creekmore Cemetery
Crim's Chapel Cemetery
Eastland City Cemetery
Eastview Memorial Cemetery
Ebenezer Cemetery
Elderville Cemetery
Elmwood Cemetery
Fairlawn Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery (Montgomery)
Fairview Cemetery (Pottawatomie)
Fairview Cemetery (Shelby)
Fairview Church Cemetery
Forest Park East Cemetery
Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery
Forestwood Park Cemetery
Graceland Cemetery
Gracelawn Cemetery
Greenpond Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery
Hamilton Beeman Cemetery
Highland Cemetery
Hillcrest Cemetery
Holly Springs Cemetery
Hollywood Cemetery
Huffines Cemetery
Indian Creek Cemetery
Joaquin Cemetery
Johnson City Cemetery
Kemp Cemetery
Kilgore City Cemetery
Kingsbury Cemetery
Lake Cemetery
Laurel Land Memorial Park
Lakewood Memorial Park
Lockhart Municipal Burial Park
Loving Cemetery
Lower Melrose Cemetery
Lynch Chapel Cemetery
Macedonia Cemetery
Magnolia Cemetery
Maple Grove Cemetery
Maple Springs Cemetery
Memorial Park Cemetery
Memory Park Cemetery
Morris Cemetery
Mostyn Cemetery
Mount Calm Cemetery
Mount Gilead Cemetery
Mount Hope Cemetery
Mount Tabor Cemetery
Mount Zion Cemetery
New Brazoria Cemetery
Nocona Cemetery
Oak Grove Baptist Cemetery (Grant Parish)
Oak Grove Cemetery (Nacogdoches)
Oak Grove Cemetery (Navarro)
Oak Grove Cemetery (Young)
Oak Hill Cemetery
Oakwood Cemetery
Oakwood Cemetery (Navarro)
Old IOOF Cemetery
Old Palestine Cemetery
Overton Cemetery
Peatown Cemetery
Pirtle Baptist Cemetery
Plainview Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Reilly Springs Cemetery
Ridge Park Cemetery
Rock Church Cemetery
Rogers Cemetery
Rose Hill Cemetery
Rose Hill Cemetery (Carter)
Rosemound Cemetery
Rusk County Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Salem Cemetery
Shady Grove Cemetery
Sholar Cemetery
Shiloh Cemetery
Shiloh Cemetery (Natchitoches)
Sipes Springs Cemetery
Sonora Cemetery
Stag Creek Cemetery
Stanford Chapel Cemetery
Strong's Cemetery
South Park Cemetery
Sweetwater Cemetery
Tennessee Cemetery
Thornton Church Cemetery
Turnersville Cemetery
Waleetka Hillcrest Cemetery
White Oak Cemetery
Wilton Cemetery
Woodberry-Forest Cemetery
Woodford Cemetery
Woodland Cemetery
  Headstone Inscriptions  
  Cemeteries and the inscriptions on headstones are a valuable source of information. Obtaining photographs is an ongoing project.

We realize that there are many misspellings and/or inconsistencies in the spelling of proper names, and have decided to accept the lettering on individual headstones as the definitive spelling. If you have information to the contrary, we would appreciate hearing from you in order to make the appropriate changes.

This webpage contains a partial list of visited cemeteries. In the left column is a listing of cemeteries in alpha order. Below is a listing of names associated with the visited cemeteries for reference.
  Cemeteries (Name Reference)  
  Alto City Cemetery - Velma Erline Reed
Arlington Cemetery - Byron Clover
Bethel Cemetery - Owen Byrom
Bethel Cemetery (Rapides) - William McLawchlin
Bethlehem Cemetery - Ida Maxine Maddry & J. E. Maddry
Breckenridge Cemetery - Wayne Arnold, Maudeen Kelley
Cedar Hill Cemetery - Tom Howard Guinn
Center Ridge Cemetery - Mary Jo Webb
Central Cemetery - William Edward Sowell
Concord Cemetery - Edwin Elrod and Juanita Elrod
Cooper Cemetery - Walter M. Thompson
Corinth Cemetery - Glenn Turner Wood
Creekmore Cemetery - Naoma Bunting
Crim's Chapel Cemetery - Laverne Barton, Elisha Hudson, Esther Faye Rucker
Eastland City Cemetery - Dolores Ray, Martha Jane Hargis
Eastview Memorial Cemetery - Mozelle Young
Ebenezer Cemetery - Louise Arnold, Raymond O'Neal, Dorothy Richardson
Elderville Cemetery - Fedelia Lee Jones
Elmwood Cemetery - Kenneth Wayne Davis
Fairlawn Cemetery - Anna May Lechtenberg, Helen Lechtenberg
Fairview Cemetery (Montgomery) - Jack McGovney, Jim McGovney
Fairview Cemetery (Pottawatomie) - Marcella B Cummins
Fairview Cemetery (Shelby) - Garland Pride
Fairview Church Cemetery - Doris Wells
Forest Park East Cemetery - Mary Priscilla Carney
Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery - Mary Elizabeth Ford
Forestwood Park Cemetery - James Ray Petty
Graceland Cemetery - Dorothy Anne Dearing
Gracelawn Cemetery - Robert Basil Salyer
Greenpond Cemetery - Forrest E. Coker
Greenwood Cemetery - Laura Elizabeth Bell
Hamilton Beeman Cemetery - Rachel Mae Knotts
Highland Cemetery - Marshall Starks
Hillcrest Cemetery - Billy Tipp
Holly Springs Cemetery - Doris Ray Melton
Hollywood Cemetery - Eloise Brister
Huffines Cemetery - Mary Inez Walker
Indian Creek Cemetery - Charles H. O'Neal
Joaquin Cemetery - David Willard Scott, Earl Jefferson Scott
Johnson City Cemetery - Marcelyn Carol Gipson
Kemp Cemetery - Mary Lehew
Kilgore City Cemetery - Ola Christene Platt, James Rhodes, Lawrence Swift
Kingsbury Cemetery - Lataine Parchman McQuaid
Lake Cemetery - Marjorie Thiebaud
Lakewood Memorial Park - Betty Jo Hodges, Vester Allen Norton &
Betty Mozell Norton , Billy Patterson Moore, Billy Roberts,
Carl Hamilton Frey, Jr., Elvin Neale Blackford, Margine Francis &
Emaloyd Francis, Geneva Lucille Jolly, Jessie Elinor Holt
Laurel Land Memorial Park - Vincent Harold McClure
Lockhart Municipal Burial Park - James Fealy, Jr.
Loving Cemetery - Wanda Dickenson
Lower Melrose Cemetery - Lizzie Thompson
Lynch Chapel Cemetery - Arzell Lloyd
Macedonia Cemetery - Jackie Mae Newnham
Magnolia Cemetery - Eddie Gauthreaux
Maple Grove Cemetery - Melba Lee Hughes
Maple Springs Cemetery - Sarah Jane Mills
Memorial Park Cemetery - William Floyd Meador Jr.
Memory Park Cemetery - H D Roberts, R B Roberts
Morris Cemetery - Forrest Eakes
Mostyn Cemetery - Jane Damuth
Mount Calm Cemetery - Mrs. J.D. Nelson
Mount Gilead Cemetery - Aubry Williams, Doris Dean Williams,
Erma Gene Williams
Mount Hope Cemetery - A. W. Stubblefield, Florence Ruby Lee,
Graham Henson, Willie Ruth Roberts
Mount Tabor Cemetery - Helen Cole, Ardyth Davidson
Mount Zion Cemetery - Limmie Raines Butler
New Brazoria Cemetery - Anna Laurie Davidson, Helen A. Davidson,
Joseph Wheeler Davidson, Jr.
Nocona Cemetery - Irma Hodges
Oak Grove Baptist Cemetery (Grant Parish) - Murvin H. Barton
Oak Grove Cemetery (Nacogdoches) - Masel Hanna
Oak Grove Cemetery (Navarro) - Doris Nell Etheredge
Oak Grove Cemetery (Young) - Mattie Queen Price
Oak Hill Cemetery - Emmy Tom Gore
Oakwood Cemetery - Allen T. Gerdes & Alvin A. Gerdes,
George Atmon Bonner & Oneita Bonner
Oakwood Cemetery (Navarro) - Sammie Ross Smith, Jr.
Old IOOF Cemetery - June Taylor Davis
Old Palestine Cemetery - R. A. Goff, Jr.
Overton Cemetery - Betty Lou Benson, Nellene Bishop, Chloe Ann Carr, Kenneth D. Corrie, Jimmie Wilmot Crumbley, Ethel & Alice Dorsey,
Mary Ellen Forman, Irene Hall, Glyndell Sutherlin
Peatown Cemetery - Katie Mae Watson
Pirtle Baptist Cemetery - Doris Wyche, Maxine Jacobs,
William Polk "Billy" Childress, Florene Warren
Plainview Cemetery - Maudine Sevens
Pleasant Hill Cemetery - (New London - View page for full listing)
Reilly Springs Cemetery - Joyce Payne
Ridge Park Cemetery - Dorothy Joyce White
Rock Church Cemetery - William Artice Ketchum, Edwin Grigg
Rogers Cemetery - Mary Lynn Clark
Rose Hill Cemetery - Holly Jo Ellison, Betty Kathryn Holleyman,
Anna Maxine Rogers, Robert Henry Sallee, Anna Bell Waggoner
Rose Hill Cemetery (Carter) - Helen C. Jones
Rosemound Cemetery - Louis O. Waller
Rusk County Memorial Gardens Cemetery - Charles Collins Jr.
Salem Cemetery - Evelyn Bonnie Adams
Shady Grove Cemetery - Anna Ray Purcell
Sholar Cemetery - Larry McCune
Shiloh Cemetery - Nellie Barnes, Aubra Rainwater, Evelyn Rainwater,
Helen Rainwater, Louise Rowell
Shiloh Cemetery (Natchitoches) - Dessie Moore
Sipes Springs Cemetery - Marion Wayne Mote & Patty Anna Mote
Sonora Cemetery - John Robert Buzbee
Stag Creek Cemetery - Mary Elizabeth Vines
Stanford Chapel Cemetery - Virginia Rose Blanton
Strong's Cemetery - Willie H. Tate
South Park Cemetery - Vera Virginia Duncan, James Alford Duncan
Sweetwater Cemetery - Charles Ray Taylor
Tennessee Cemetery - Henry Bryan Bowlin, Ruby Edna Peace
Thornton Church Cemetery - Homer Clint Latham, W. D. Latham, Jr.
Turnersville Cemetery - Lometa Faye Hardie
Waleetka Hillcrest Cemetery - Helen Louise Harrelson & Coy Harrelson, Jr.
White Oak Cemetery - Iva Joe and Neomi Jewell Smith
Wilton Cemetery - Betty Kathryn Gordon, Joe Curry Gordon
Woodberry-Forest Cemetery - Jacqueline Knight Cuvelier, Junior Tatum
Woodford Cemetery - Paul Greer
Woodland Cemetery - Edna Elizabeth Powell