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  Students Who Perished    
  List Of Names Of Those Who Perished In The Explosion  
  Abercrombie, Boyd
Adams, Evelyn
Allman, Almita Fae
Anderson, Allene Myrtle
Anderson, Lillian Laverne

Apple, Betty Ruth
Arnold, Wayne S.
  Barber, Ollie B.
Barber, Arden Leon

Barret, Donald
Barret, Edward
Barrett, Pauline

Barton, Laverne T.
Barton, Murvin
Baucum, Margaret Louise
Bell, Miss Laura
Bennett, Mary Francis
Benson, Betty Lou

Bishop, Nellene
Blackerby, John
Blackford, Neal
Blanton, Virginia Rose
Bonner, George A.

Bonner, Oneta
Bowlin, Byron
Braden, Sybil Dell
Brown, Bobbie Lorene
Brown, Elaine

Bunting, Naomi
Butler, L. R.
Buzbee, John Robert
Byrom, Owen
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  Carney, Mary Prescilla
Carr, Chloe Ann
Cuvelier, Jacqueline
Childress, William Polk
Choate, Murray Dixon

Clair, Mildred Louise
Clark, Mary Lynn
Clover, Byron
Coker, Forest

Cole, Helen
Colins, Charles Rusk Jr.
Corrie, Kenneth
Cox, Perry Lee
Crim, Annie Bell

Crumbley, Jimmie
Cummins, Marcella
Curry, Zana Jo
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  Damuth, Jane
Davidson, Annie Laurie
Davidson, Ardyth

Davidson, Helen
Davidson, Joe Wheeler
Davis June
Davis, Kenneth Wayne

Dearing, Dorothy Ann
Dial, Travis
Dickerson, Wanda Joyce
Dorsey, Alice
Dorsey, Ethel

Drake, Winifred Melvine
Duncan, James Alfred
Duncan, Vera Virginia (Sue)
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  Eakes, Forest Eugene
Ellison, Holly Jo

Elrod, Edwin Zone
Elrod, Juanita
Emberling, George
Emberling, Wanda
Etheredge, Doris N.
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  Fealy, James P.
Fentress, Jack
Ford, Jack Arnold
Ford, Mary Elizabeth
Forman, Mary Ellen

Francis, Emaloyd
Francis, Margine
Freeman, Myrtle
Frey, Carl H. Jr.
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  Gandy, Martha Jean
Gauthreaux, Eddie Herman
Gerdes, Allen T.
Gerdes, Alvin H.
Gibson, Marcelyn, Carol

Gipson, G. W.
Goff, R. A. Jr.
Gordon, Betty Kathryn
Gordon, Joe C.

Greer, Paul
Grigg, Edwin
Guinn, Tom Howard
Gunn, H. D.
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  Hale, Norris Thurston
Hall, Irene
Hall, Oscar G. Jr.
Hamilton, Carl Jr.
Hankins, Francis

Hanna, Lorene
Hardy, Leneta Fae
Hargis, Martha Jane
Harrelson, Coy Dee
Harrelson, Helen Louise

Harris, James
Hasbrook, Charles
Hathaway, Y. Jackolene
Henson, Graham K.

Herrington, Betty Jo
Herrington, Mary Ellen
Herron, Juanita
Hodges, Betty Jo

Hodges, Irma Elizabeth
Hodges, Betty Jo
Hogue, Margretta
Holland, Bessie Estelle
Holleyman, Betty Catherine

Holt, Jessie Elinor
Hooten, Mary Frances
Houser, Laura Lee
Houser, Imogene
Houser, Martha Ellen

Hudson, Elisha M.
Hudson, Hurbert
Hughes, Melba
Hunt, Charles Porter

Hunt, Ruby Frances
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  Jacobs, Maxine
Johnson, Kenneth
Jolly, Geneva Lucille
Jones, Charles Goodall

Jones, Fedelia Lee
Jones, Helen C.
  Kelly Maudine
Ketchum, William
Kilgore, Cloudell

King, Mary Lois
Knight, Jaqueline
Knipe, Earnest Ray
Knotts, Rachel Mae
Krauss, Bobby Lee
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  Lambert, Robert Austin
Latham Homer
Latham, W. D.
Lechtenberg, Anna May
Lechtenberg, Helen
Lee, Florence Ruby

Lee, Laura
Lehew, Mary Ellen
Lloyd, Arzell
Lloyd, Mary Emily
Loe, Virginia

Lowe, Helen Charlotte
Lumpkin, John
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  Maddry, J. E.
Maddry, Mazine
Manch, Doris

Martin, Louise
Maxwell, Blondell
Maxwell, Charles Henry
Maxwell, Louise
Mayhew, Evelyn

McChesny, Donald Robert
McClure, Vincent Howard
McCune, Lanny
McGovney, Jack
McGovney, James

McLawchlin, W. C.
McQuaid, Shirley Lataine
Meadow, Floyd Jr.
Melton, Doris Kay
Middleton, Arlis Ray

Miller, Carroll Evaughn
Miller, Sebe
Mills, Sarah Jane
Milstead, Annie Marie
Monday, Alma

Moore, Dessie Lometer
Morfield, Billie J.
Mote, Marion
Mote, Patty Ann

Myers, Margie Louise
Myers, Shirley Elizabeth
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  Nail, John Worthley
Neal, Mrs. Mary Ethel
Nelson, Mrs. J.D.

Netherton, Aubry, Lee
Newell, Orrin, Neal
Newham, Jackie
Norton, Betty Mozell
Norton, Vesta Allen
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  O'Neal, Charles
O'Neal, Raymond B.
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  Patterson, Marie
Payne, Joyce
Payne, Lewis M.

Peace, Edna Ruby
Person, Forest Lavon
Petty, James Ray
Phillips, James Henrey
Phillips, Twillia Ruth

Phillips, Virgil B.
Pierson, Hazel Marie
Pinkerton, Harvey
Platt, Ola Christene
Powell, Edna E.

Powell, Eloise
(same as Eloise Brister)
Phillips, Roseann
(Roseann Sailsberry)
Pride, Garland
Propes, J. H.

Purcell, Annie
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  Ragsdale, Gabe E.
Rainwater, Aubrey
Rainwater, Evelyn
Rainwater, Helen

Ray, Delores
Reames, Curtis Burton
Reed, Ruby E.
Rhodes, James Basel
Richardson, Dorothy

Rider, Betty Jane
Rider, Charles Oliver
Roberts, Billy
Roberts, R. B.
Roberts, Holten Dean

Roberts, Norma Wayne
Roberts, Ruth
Rogers, Annie Maxwell
Rogers, Thomas Blanton

Rowell, Louise
Rucker, Ester Fay
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  Sallee, Robert Henry
Salyer, Robert Basil

Scott, David Willard
Scott, Earl Jefferson
Sevens, Maudine
Shaw, Clifton Sambo
Shaw, Dorothy Oleta

Shaw, Marvin
Shaw, Sammie
Shoemaker, Robert W.
Shoemate, Sammie
Smith, Abner

Smith, Bobbie Jean
Smith, Iva Jo
Smith, Mattie Mae
Smith, Neomi Jewell
Smith, Ruth Willien

Smith, Sam Ross Jr.
Smoot, Anna Maude
Smoot, Helen
Sowell, William Edward
Staggs, Carl

Starks, Marshall
Stearnes, Geraldine
Steele, Henry Lee
Stephens, Philo
Stone, Howard

Stubblefield, A. W.
Sutherlin, Glendell
Swift, Lawrence
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  Tate, W. H.
Tatum, J. R. (Junior)

Taylor, Charles Ray
Thiebaud, Marjorie
Thompson, Mildren
Thompson, Walter

Tipp, Billie
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  Van Haverbeke, Rose
Vines, Mary E.
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  Waggoner, Anna Belle
Walker, Herman L.
Walker, Mary Inez

Walker, Moreene
Waller, Louis
Warren, Florine
Watkins, Annie Louise
Watson, Katie Mae

Webb, Mary Jo
Wells, Doris
White, Dorothy Joyce
Williams, Aubry
Williams, Doris Dean

Williams, Erma Jean
Willis, Lucille
Willis, Mary Lou
Womack, Bernice
Wood, Glenn

Wooley, Malcolm
Wortham, S. Jack
Wyche, Doris
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  York, Dale May
Young, Mozell
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